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MOVE by Cara.

Integrating movement & mind-body practices

About the Approach

Movement and body awareness can have a profound influence on mood, anxiety, and pain. By combining the breath and gentle movement, I help my clients build the necessary skills to self-manage pain and stress, build strength and improve self-empowerment.

The approach is most appropriate for those seeking relief from pain, stress, anxiety, or physical impairments as well as people looking to optimize overall health and mobility.

The Approach

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About me

About Me

Born in Dallas, TX, my name is Cara (Tolmas) Krimsky, a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Pre and Post Natal Fitness specialist specializing in integrating movement and mind-body practices. Since age 2, I've been active in ballet, basketball, and track and field. Faced with injuries, I sought holistic therapy, finding traditional approaches lacking in emotional and mental integration, failing to look at the overall body. To enhance mobility and reduce stress, I explored yoga, meditation, Feldenkrais, and alternative ways to move. Graduating from the University of Michigan in Movement Science, I researched emotional impacts on movement. I pursued certification in exercise physiology for tailored exercise in medical conditions and chronic pain. Advanced training includes pain science, yoga, mindful movement, and psychology-integrated rehabilitation.



Miriam S.

“I have had the good fortune of having Cara as an exercise coach for the past three years. She brings professionalism, sensitivity, creativity, and humility to every session.

I highly recommend working with her!” 


“After having  breast cancer surgery, I wanted to exercise without hurting myself so I started to use Cara. Cara's a highly trained exercise physiologist  who understands the whole body. I’ve been with Cara for several years now & have clearly noticed significant positive changes in my muscle strength & endurance. I highly recommend Cara for creating a personal regimen for strength, mobility, balance & endurance.”

Leah T.

“Cara is a qualified Exercise Physiologist who has helped me greatly. She has helped strengthen my back and my balance is much improved. Cara is a very warm and caring person. I highly recommend her as a trainer.”


“Cara has helped me to strengthen specific muscle groups, improve flexibility, and increase awareness. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their everyday functioning.”

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