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MOVE by Cara.

Integrating movement & mind-body practices


Movement and body awareness can have a profound influence on mood, anxiety, and pain. By combining the breath and gentle movement, I help my clients build the necessary skills to self-manage pain and stress, build strength and improve self-empowerment.

The approach is most appropriate for those seeking relief from pain, stress, anxiety, or physical impairments as well as people looking to optimize overall health and mobility.

My typical clients include:

  • People with chronic pain who want to learn how to use simple mind-body techniques to decrease symptoms and improve mobility.

  • People with depression or anxiety who want to use exercise strategies to boost mental wellness.

  • People with chronic medical conditions looking for exercise programs that are safe and tailored to their specific needs and limitations.  Medical conditions include diabetes, obesity, and neurological disorders such as Parkinson's or Multiple Sclerosis.

The Approach


“Cara is incredible. She has brought me out of a black hole to a new place of physical strength and optimism. She is a rare find for anyone who wants to deal with pain and injury or who just wants to work with a top level trainer."
 - Former Client, Jerusalem

About me


Born in Dallas, TX, my name is Cara (Tolmas) Krimsky and I am an Exercise Physiologist specializing in the integration of movement and mind-body practices.  Since the age of 2, I’ve been involved in ballet, basketball, and track and field. Through my own journey with injury, pain, and rehabilitation, I have worked with many therapists across numerous disciplines.  I had frustrating experiences with therapists who simply viewed the body as a machine and only focused on injured body parts, without integrating the emotional and mental components of movement and rehabilitation.  


In a quest to improve mobility and decrease stress, I explored yoga, meditation, Feldenkrais and the Alexander Technique. I graduated with a degree in Movement Science from University of Michigan where I performed academic research on how emotional conditions affect movement performance. I continued my training to become certified in exercise physiology which involves science based personalization of exercise for special medical conditions and chronic pain populations.


Additionally, I completed advanced training in pain science, yoga, mindful movement, and the integration of psychology and injury rehabilitation.  


Whether it is a fear of movement, a predisposed negative attitude or belief about the body part, or simply not being aware of your body, I am confident that you have the ability to move with less pain, and improve your physical and emotional health.


“Cara has helped me to strengthen specific muscle groups, improve flexibility, and increase awareness. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their everyday functioning.”

-Avraham Reich

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