MOVE beyond Pain


Chronic pain and neuropathic pain involve physical changes in the nervous system that trigger pain inappropriately. Nerves become hypersensitive causing pain to be felt in response to non-dangerous stimulation, gentle movement, or even spontaneously.

Increase physical function including mobility, strength, and activity tolerance.

Change the way your body responds to daily stressors, improve sleep quality, and learn relaxation techniques to reduce mental and body tension.

Gain independence in skills that decrease pain flare ups.

Learn how to minimize the negative effects of pain on close relationships, and return to normal social activities.


MOVE beyond Anxiety

30% of the population experiences symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety disorders are mostly treated with medication or therapy, but recent clinical guidelines advocate that exercise should be included as part of the treatment plan.

Meditation with walking exercise is more effective at reducing anxiety than just walking exercise alone.

Strength training exercise and aerobic exercise are both effective at reducing anxiety symptoms.

Body awareness exercise boosts self confidence and accurate perception of bodily sensations.

Exercise increases activity in the body’s serotonin system and internal opioid system.

In a series of one-on-one sessions, patients learn mindful movement techniques that reduce symptoms and boost self confidence. The program is closely coordinated between an exercise physiologist and the client’s mental health practitioners.


MOVE into Pregnancy

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Research shows that exercise during pregnancy can have the following effects:

~Improve your mood
~Help reduce back aches and pains
~Improve your posture
~May help prevent or treat gestational diabetes
~Help you sleep better
~Maintain muscle strength and endurance
~Make for an easier pregnancy and recovery

If your muscles are strong and your heart is in good health, you will much more resilient in the postnatal phase.